M&A Transactions 

Goal Setting 






Company Succession 

Too many company owners start planning their company succession too late or not at all. Successful company successions should always be planned timely and concern all the economic, tax, legal and personal aspects of the succession planning. 

We support you through the whole process of succession planning, and work either with your inhouse advisors or, if necessary, bring in specialists from our own network.


  • Succession Planning 
  • Company Analysis 
  • Company Valuation 
  • Identifying and Contacting Potential Succesors 
  • Negotiations and Contract Drafting 
  • Handover Process

M&A Buy Side 

A successful company acquisition must be well prepared. A structured and systematic planning and approach is important. In addition to careful research and analysis of the potential target, discreet contact, initial sales talks, company valuations, due diligence and final negotiations play an essential role. Our experienced advisors support you with validating the potential of selected M&A targets, contract negotiations and identify potential sources of risk.


  • Goal Setting 
  • Marked Analysis and Target-Profiling 
  • Due Diligence 
  • Company Valuation 
  • Negotiations and Contract Drafting 
  • Signing and Closing

M&A Sell Side 

The reasons for selling a company in whole or in part are just as varied as the structural options for executing the transaction. From the buyer to the seller, the employees, customers, suppliers up to the public perception, various interests have to be considered in a company sale. 

In order to create the optimal conditions for the sale of your company, we support you a planned and structured implementation of the sale.


  • Goal Setting 
  • Company Analysis 
  • Company Valuation 
  • Identifying and Contact Potential Buyers 
  • Negotiations and Contract Drafting 
  • Signing und Closing

M&A Specials 

Particularly in the case of special issues such as a management buy-out or buy-in, carve-out or M&A activities in case of insolvencies, experts at your side are indispensable. 

We ensure that no aspects are overlooked within these processes, develop strategy concepts and implement the transaction successfully and in a targeted manner with you.

M&A Specials 

  • LBO/MBO and LBI/MBI 
  • Carve-outs and Spin-offs 
  • Company Mergers 
  • Distressed M&A 
  • Strategic Company Participations

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