„Successfully managed M&A Transactions“


A successful company acquisition needs to be planned carefully. Company acquisitions require a precise approach to strategic evaluation, identification and addressing of potential M&A targets. Depending on the process structure, time-critical or comprehensive due diligence processes and negotiation of all project-related contracts take place.

You benefit from professional project management that helps your company achieve lasting success.”

  • We support you in all steps of the M&A process and relieve your management so they can focus on the day-to-day business as usual. We are happy to provide our support already in the initial evaluation phase of potential M&A targets by creating meaningful profiles of suitable candidates for you. Together we will validate the potential value of selected M&A targets, support you in contract negotiations and manage the entire purchase process for you. In particular, we identify, assess and compare potential sources of risk and compare those with empirical values.


In the event of a company sale in whole or in part, the interests of several parties must be safeguarded. From the buyer to the seller, the employees, customers, suppliers up to the public perception, various interests have to be considered. In addition to precise and ingenious planning of the transaction structure, a promising perspective is also required in order to carry out the transaction to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Complex transactions require a meticulous approach combined with a good deal of experience.”

  • We support and advise you right from the start of your planning and consideration of the disposal options, show you the advantages and disadvantages of different transaction structures and draw up a strategically coordinated communication plan with you. Together we will validate the potential value of your company, support you in contract negotiations and coordinate the entire sales process for you.


Intended company investments shall always meet certain investment criteria, regardless of whether the investments take place on a debt or equity basis. Next to general market conditions of potential investment targets in Germany, most investment criteria focus on strategic, economic, financial, legal and regulatory risks. Right after showing your interest in the potential investment target, you should start having a closer look at investments risk profiles.

  • We support you in identifying, assessing and comparing potential sources of risk and comparing those with empirical values. The findings will be provided in our Investment Report that sets out the potential risks of incorporation documents, major company agreements, financial statements, employees situation, premises and other local regulations.


The success of an M&A transaction does not solely depend on skilful negotiation strategies. In fact, many years of M&A experience coupled with expertise from commercial law and financial disciplines are decisive in every M&A transaction.

In our M&A workshop, we give you the most important dos and don'ts in the M&A process. Within a very short time and with the help of a structured framework, you will receive a „starter kit“ addressing topics such as process structure, contract contents and valuation models, which you should always bear in mind in a successful M&A transaction.

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